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Films: Vicky Christina Barcelona, Quantam Of Solace, Paris, Funny Face, Love Actually.

Reads: Vogue, For Esme - With Love and Squalor, The New Yorker Campaign Trail, Twilight, Plan de Paris

Music: Snow Patrol, TV on the Radio

On the Agenda:

Jeff Koons at Versailles, Patrick Demarchelier at Petit Palais, A much needed haircut (and perhaps colour), Finding a job, Halloween Party (as a bumblebee), French Lessons, Market Shopping, Stew, US Elections.....
Oh dear.

The blog may be dead but Paris is not. It most definitely is not summer anymore (Last night I wore pajamas and a hoodie to bed) but I'm looking forward to the cold months ahead.
They're isn't as many trees here as in Dublin so there is less opportunity for crunching through leaves.

October is a busy month in Paris. Fashion week started on Saturday which means lots of beautiful people (even more than usual) will be wandering the rues.
Nuit Blanches is on 4th October. During the night/early morning, random pieces of art in different places will be on display throughout the city.

Watching interviews with Sarah Palin has proved to be frightening. Her knowledge (or lack there of) of important issues is shocking.
I can't wait to see the debate between her and Obamas VP next month.

That's all for now...



The Grace Kelly exhibition was amazing. I, of course, bought a poster of herself! The queue was ridiculous though. People are taking advantage of the fact that it's a free exhib so we were waiting for at least 2 hours outside... In the sun... with no sunblock on. Uh oh!


It's Saturday Morning

I have nothing but good intentions for the next week or so. Lots of outings, lots of lunching lots of reading.
This morning we're going to see a Grace Kelly exhibition for free in La Hotel de Ville. I'm excited! Then possibly a haircut, a night out in a castle in Bois de Boulogne, who knows!
I have some photos I'd like to put up but haven't got the time now so I'll leave you with one. I found this while I was searching for American Apparel the other day. There is one less than 5 minutes cycle from the apartment!

I like finding things like this on the streets. I think I can definitely say I'm still a tourist, maybe 5% parisienne? I do find myself getting angry on the metro more and more. A rite of passage some might say.


Thanks to a torrential downpour this morning, we decided not to go to the gardens. I thought it was never going to stop last night.


Can't believe it's August! Paris is sooo quiet at the moment. I was in one of my fave vintage shops today and I was the only person it what is usually a crowded store. The metro is even dead these days. Had great fun with my Mum, ate in restaurants that aren't really in my price range (Thanks ma!) and had fun showing her the Paris I've come to know over the summer!

Found a roommate for the vacant room which is very exciting, think the Autumn/Winter will be fun!
Even though it's ridiculously warm at the moment, I've started thinking about winter wardrobe already! The thought of wool jumpers makes me feel horrible but I can't wait until it's time to be all cosy!
Am going to Claude Monet's gardens tomorrow, weee! I love the city but I think I need a small break, I haven't been out of Paris city in two months. The gardens are meant to be lovely and hopefully it won't be too busy.

My august resolution is to update this every day... let's see how I get on!


In a few short hours (Don't let me down, Aer Lingus) my Mum will be in Paris for 4 days! I can't wait to bring her everywhere, eat in the places I love, walk around the streets and soak up the sun!
Someone else is in Paris today, but unfortunately I don't think we'll be having dinner together.


Ended up staying in instead of going to see Lost in Translation... don't really like Scarlett Johansson so no loss there. The new version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is playing next Tuesday so I think I'll go to that.

In other news....

Lyon. 4th September. Chris. Ma Disi. I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Cycling in Paris is so much fun. I bought a week long ticket for the Velibs, it was only 5euro. Every journey up to 30 minutes is free! Perfect for getting to places near by when I don't feel like walking or taking the metro. I haven't cycled in ages though so this sudden burst is taking its' toll on me, ma derrière is so sore!

There's an Outdoor cinema in Parc Villette during the summer so we're going to see Lost in Translation tonight. It's 2€ entry fee, and it's meant to be a nice evening (weather wise).


Fireworks on La Fete de BastilleSculpture at Musée Rodain
La Tour
Les Refuges in Montmartre
Ice Cream by the Seine
La Louvre